At QVO Values, we firmly believe that valuations are fundamentally opinions rather than mere calculations. It is crucial to comprehend the relevant industry and the company's position within it. This understanding forms the cornerstone of QVO Values' analyses, enabling us to underpin our value assessments with well-founded arguments. To lend weight to a value opinion, opt for the QVO Values seal of approval. 

We understand that our clients demand nothing less than the best. That's why we strive to deliver top-notch valuation solutions to address all their specific needs and inquiries. 

With over 50 years of combined experience held by its shareholders, QVO Values is driven by excellence in everything we do. Our commitment to quality is evident in every project we undertake and in every value opinion we provide, regardless of the purpose.

We specialize in providing comprehensive, knowledge and data driven valuation services for various strategic purposes, financial reporting, tax and legal requirements. Our expertise lies in offering Quality Value Opinions that you can rely on.

Finally, QVO Values doesn't merely offer valuations; its principles are rooted in genuine values: quality, sincerity, and loyalty. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to address your challenges and provide value.
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Understanding the relevant industry and the position of the company within that industry is key

Quality Value Opinions
you can rely on

We offer comprehensive valuation services to address diverse needs and requirements for our clients:

Strategic Valuation Advisory Services: Want to assess the value-creating potential of your organization's current strategy? Curious about how your organization compares to its peers in terms of value creation? Our data-driven analysis provides valuable insights into the value-creating power of your organization.

Financial Reporting Valuations: With extensive experience in Fair Value accounting, we offer a full suite of services tailored to your financial reporting needs. Our services include purchase price allocations, goodwill impairment testing, IFRS conversion-related support, and more. Our work has been audited and reviewed by all Big4 accounting firms, and we maintain excellent working relationships with all of them.

Tax Valuation Services: Navigating multiple jurisdictions and complex valuation requirements can be overwhelming. Our knowledgeable team is equipped to assist you with various tax-related valuation needs, such as purchase price allocations for tax purposes, transfer pricing valuations, and intercompany transfers of intellectual property. We understand the similarities and differences between valuations for financial reporting and tax purposes, helping you avoid unnecessary tax controversies.

Portfolio Valuation: Trusted by both national and international Private Equity sponsors, we specialize in measuring, managing, and communicating value development to stakeholders. Our expertise in serving private equity firms ensures that your valuation needs are met with precision and strategic insight.

Litigation & Disputes: In need of expert advice in a legal setting to support your interests? Our valuation support services assess economic and value-related damages, providing a strong foundation for your case.

Quality, sincerity, and loyalty

International successes

Acted as a court-appointed valuation expert following the nationalization of SNS Reaal, providing expert guidance in determining the value of the company.

Assisted one of the largest family-owned businesses in the Netherlands with the transition from Dutch GAAP to IFRS, ensuring seamless and compliant Fair Value related financial reporting processes.

Conducted the purchase price allocation of a consumer durables company after a take-private transaction led by an international Private Equity sponsor, involving valuing multiple brands and relationships.

Performed a valuation for tax purposes in relation to a significant inbound business transfer from the United States to the Netherlands, offering valuation expertise to ensure compliance and accurate tax reporting.

Assisted various GPs with Portfolio Valuation services for their private equity investments, providing independent value reviews.

Conducted the valuation of a business in a large Dutch corporate restructuring setting, offering expert guidance to determine the fair value and maximize the potential for successful restructuring.

Assisted an international retailer with transfer pricing-related valuation services following an investigation by relevant tax authorities, offering expert analysis into the value allocation between various functions in the organization.

Valuation Professionals

Henk Oosterhout

Henk has more than 25 years of valuation experience, rooted in a strong academic track record in combination with a constructive consulting approach. After his PhD in Corporate Finance in 1996, he first worked 7 years for PwC Corporate Finance, centered on around the introduction of the Fair Value concept within financial accounting. Next, he started the European presence of Standard & Poor’s Corporate Value Consulting by opening their office in Amsterdam in 2003. This initiative led to the development of Duff & Phelps, now known as Kroll.

Henk focuses on providing quality value opinions, free from bias and based on sound business knowledge and technical expertise.


Valuation Professionals

Jochem Quaak

Jochem is an experienced professional with over 25 years of valuation expertise at PwC, Duff & Phelps and Kroll. With a strong emphasis on quality and client service, he consistently delivers results in the projects he undertakes. Jochem has a pragmatic approach, keeps the bigger picture in mind and is always able to maintain positive working relationships, but without ever compromising on quality standards. Jochem holds a Business Economics degree from Tilburg University and graduated from London Business School with a Master's degree in Finance.


Valuation Professionals

Jasper Vreman

Jasper introduces a youthful and invigorating perspective. Having successfully earned his bachelor’s degree in business economics at Tilburg University, he continued his academic journey by attaining Master's degrees in both Finance and Accountancy at the same institution. For his Master’s degree, he conducted research on the inflation-hedging capacity of stocks with a high CSR score, versus those having a low score. Additionally, for his Accountancy Master he explored the interchangeability of audit firm tenure and audit locality in relation to audit quality.

As a recent graduate, he possesses a solid grasp of the core principles in both Finance and Accountancy, with the knowledge still vividly etched in his mind. Jasper's exploratory and approachable work style enables him to swiftly assess corporate strategies and their impact on a company's valuation.


Valuation Professionals

Luc Baijens

With a blend of academic and international experience, Luc is set to bring fresh perspectives and insights to the team. While obtaining his bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration, he took on an international exchange in South Korea amid the challenges of the 2021 global pandemic. Luc continued his academic studies with a master’s degree in Finance, where he wrote his thesis on new asset-pricing factor models using stock portfolio sorts with price differences. Additionally, he actively contributed to student-run investment clubs for two years, managing stock portfolios alongside approximately 30 fellow students.

Luc’s critical thinking and attention to detail will ensure the quality and precision of his valuation assessments.


Valuation Professionals

Dennis Koolen

Dennis joined our team this summer after successfully finishing his academic career. He started the latter by first obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration. During this time, he also conducted a minor in Mexico at Universidad de Monterrey. After his bachelor’s degree, Dennis continued his studies at Tilburg University and obtained an MSc Finance. In his Master’s, he also travelled to South America and New Zealand and did a corporate finance internship at a boutique firm in Rotterdam. Dennis is looking to use his experience to contribute to the QVO Values team and continue to deepen his knowledge of valuations.


Top-notch valuation solutions

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QVO Values – start-up in value consulting QVO Values was incorporated in 2023. We are the new kid on the block for high quality valuation services. Founded by two industry veterans with the energy to set new standards in quality, client service, adoption of technology and opportunities for growth.

Are you looking for a job in valuation services with the steepest learning curve for both technical and consulting skills: this is the job for you.

We are looking for young talent with a master’s degree, good quantitative skills and an interest in finance. You look forward to team work in an entrepreneurial environment, where achievements are recognized and awarded. You will work on challenging projects for the most interesting clients. We are looking for talent starting their careers, as well as candidates with working experience in the field.

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